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4 Reasons Why You Should Always RSVP – apart from being good manners!

you are in the public eye or a position of seniority, you may well find yourself flooded with invitations. Just because you’re invited does not...

Michelle Hanton, March 07, 2016   Read

Revisit Later to make your meetings more productive

Simple Team Meeting has gotten even more productive with a new feature. Topics you want to discuss at the next meeting will automatically appear...

Ben Gardener, March 03, 2016   Read

Hubstaff - The Leader in Time Tracking for Remote Teams

Lightweight, native time tracking tool that includes screenshots, time tracking and project management.

Ben Gardener, February 26, 2016   Read

Be On Brand this Festive Season

As the busiest social season of corporate and employer hospitality approaches, this is a good time to address the subject of the company Christmas...

Yvonne Toering, November 22, 2015   Read

7 Simple, Proven Tips to Immediately Get More Out of Your Day

We’ve hit November and the days seem to fly past faster than ever! If you’ve often wished for more hours in a day, I’m sharing my tips for...

Michelle Hanton, November 03, 2015   Read

Paid plans have arrived!

We hope to make Simple Team Meeting even more useful for you. Watch out for exciting new features to come in the next few months!

Ben Gardener, October 21, 2015   Read

(Gr)inching towards Christmas

Every year I unleash my inner Grinch – usually around late October. The timing can vary dependent upon where in the world I spot the first assault...

Yvonne Toering, October 16, 2015   Read

Pros And Cons Of Working Remotely

Working remotely is definitely changing the workplace environment. Working from remote and distant locations that are outside the traditional...

Michelle Hanton, October 05, 2015   Read

See who's looking at the agenda!

a new feature for simple team meeting offers a live display of which users are currently looking at the agenda during a meeting

Ben Gardener, September 22, 2015   Read

The working agenda - how we doubled our productivity

With simple team meeting you create an agenda that is constantly evolving. Your team enters items as they come to mind. With a look at the agenda...

Ben Gardener, September 21, 2015   Read

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Business is booming – yeah! Now you need an assistant to help you keep up with everything. We’ve all heard about virtual assistants (VA). Lot’s of...

Michelle Hanton, September 11, 2015   Read

5 Tips for handing in your resignation

You are considering, or may have already decided upon, resigning from your job. You’re pretty sure this is the right decision, but you may have...

Yvonne Toering, August 30, 2015   Read

Power Dynamics - Working With A Board Part 2

There are several different interpretations of power, but for this purpose, it’s important to understand that I’m defining it as the ability to...

Michelle Hanton, August 16, 2015   Read

Making Meetings Work For You With Skype For Business

Voice calls, video calls, IM and screen sharing. Explore more features with Skype for Business.

Jeff Ramlee, August 09, 2015   Read

Working with a Board – Part 1 - Clarity

A CEO in the 21st century faces a myriad of challenges. There is much to achieve and a lot at stake, including your professional reputation. If you...

Michelle Hanton, August 02, 2015   Read

Building A High Performance Team – Part 4 From Cold to Sold

Management Moans (part 1 of this series) referred to common failings of our Steam Team. Conversely, the winning traits of a Dream Team are...

Yvonne Toering, July 24, 2015   Read

Building A High Performance Team - Part 3 - Leader or Lemming?

Leader or Lemming – that is the question … who do we want heading up our soon-to-be-super sales team? And where do we find them? Unless we opt for...

Yvonne Toering, July 16, 2015   Read

Google Hangouts: The App Of All Trades

Take all your messages, voice and video chat and combine them into a single application. Works with all your devices, Android, iOS, and Desktop.

Jeff Ramlee, July 15, 2015   Read

Building A High Performance Team - Part 2 - Vive La Revolution!

The quandary, of whether it’s possible to transform a Steam Team into a Dream Team, can be a beleaguering one. It may seem like Mission Impossible,...

Yvonne Toering, July 12, 2015   Read

Building a High Performance Team - Part 1 - Management Moans

Every business needs, and wants, a top performing sales team. A team that will fatten profit margin, increase market share and enhance industry...

Yvonne Toering, July 07, 2015   Read