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Make your regular meetings more productive. Our unique approach lets team members enter topics at any time, to be discussed at the next meeting. Over time you will create a fun and productive meeting place. Your team will be better prepared and more focused.

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The Online Agenda

Your agenda evolves with your business. What is on your mind? Write it down now, and discuss whenever you meet next.

Be Prepared

Know the topics before you meet and be better prepared. Save time and make better points. Your agenda evolves over time.

Never Forget an Issue

Team members can enter items directly into the agenda at anytime and from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Use Action Points

Action Points can be accessed online from a Mobile or a PC. Summary and Minutes can be sent out, via email, after the meeting with just a single click.

A central meeting point for your team

A nice clean layout keeps topics and minutes in plain view. Here you can schedule the next meeting, send meeting times and action items directly to your team members' calendars.

During the meeting your agenda updates in real time as team members take notes or enter actions for each item. 

Actionable tasks after each meeting

The unique power of Simple Team comes from the ability to quickly push items into actions and, if needed, back into the agenda.

After the meeting, members can work on those actions and check them off when completed. If an action cannot be completed, you can push it back into the agenda for the next meeting.

Create a meeting in seconds

No complex setups or configuration. Just enter a meeting name and your meeting times, and you are good to go!

Simple Team Meeting works best for weekly or daily meetings, but of course you can use it to prepare for one time meetings as well. You can also create unlimited separate meetings.

Organize your team members

Simple Team is especially useful for teams consisting of 3 members or more. The most important step is to get your team started. Simply enter their email address to invite them.

Team members then create a free account and automatically join your meeting.

Sounds simple? It is! So what are you waiting for? Time to get started! smiley

Team Leaders Agree

Simple Team Meeting makes us more productive
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Awesome Plan

$9 Per Month

  • 10 Team Members
  • 3 Repeated Meetings
  • DownloadPDF Agenda
  • BackupCSV Archive
  • HTTPSSecurity
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Business Plan

$19 Per Month

  • 30 Team Members
  • 5 Repeated Meetings
  • DownloadPDF Agenda
  • BackupCSV Archive
  • HTTPSSecurity
30 Days free Trial

Unlimited Plan

$49 Per Month

  • Team Members
  • Repeated Meetings
  • Memberscan create Meetings
  • Awesomeand Business Features
  • 24/7Customer Service
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